New York City

23 Mar

I went to New York for Monster Track 2011. It was the first time I have ever ridden my bike in Hell. Somewhere in Pennsylvania I got lost and picked up a vagabond hitchhiker named Daryl “long-pocket” or “pockets” Baade, if you know him well. I think he’s french. Creepy mother fucker.

The site of the new ONE WORLD TRADE building. Bigger and better than ever, it was quite a sight. A true testament to the American spirit. A great great achievement.

Here you can see Daryl and our friend Jordan from Valdosta, GA ascending the Williamsburg Bridge, part of the daily routine while traveling between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Thicker Thank Water Tattoo Shop just made me want to skateboard again. This was a great spot, lots of testosterone, and several Powell and Santa Cruz Re-issues hanging on the walls. My first deck was a Powell so I was stoked on that Vallely fish tale. The place smelt like men and was full of good fun and interesting information. The owner and an artist played against each other in a battle of bejeweled while jordan was inked with a souvenir from not only his first time in brooklyn, but his first time outside of the south.

Great literature at TTW Tattoo. This particular book showcasing the fine women of New York City.
Unless you are a complete idiot, you know who Dolly Parton is. Dolly is a country western mogul, a saint, sent from heaven to walk amongst us on earth. In a very private moment I found some inspiration in her book.
The bathrooms in Brooklyn were fantastic

South Street Seaport overlooks the Financial District. This is a place much like Chicago’s Navy Pier where you can take your sweetheart and watch the boats come in or the sun set. I was at somewhat of a disadvantage being that my travel partner was a 40 year old retired TIG welder from Sandusky named Daryl. None the less, Daryl and I shared a moment there on that wooden pier that will stay with me forever.

DONKEY via Williamsburg Bridge.

Chari & Co. My favorite bike shop in NY. This place made me think of my dear friend Mike Pike, not solely because they are all chinamen, but because the essence of the shop was that of Michael. If you have been inside Chari & Co. then you already know that the energy is relaxing and inviting. Everything is neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Those chinamen have white-knuckle grip on life.

Daryl and I stayed a wonderful beautiful person named Gretchen. The evenings in Brooklyn were always calm and comforting after the calamity of the day. Everyone coming down from their hustle, hanging up their Swag and all that shit for a few hours to enjoy the sun and out of season weather.

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